Our Programs

We believe that children learn best in an environment that combines playtime with structured learning activities. Partnering with families we can identify and meet the unique needs of each child. Our objective is to ensure that each child enjoys learning. We combine hands-on learning experiences with Christian-based values in a nurturing and loving environment to ready children for lifelong learning. 

We currently have availability for both full and part time students. 

6 WEEKS-16 MONTHS | $275 weekly

We tailor our infant program toward discovering and exploring their world. We use auditory and visual recognition, songs, sounds, smiles, imitation and more. We assist in teaching basic motor skills such as crawling and even first steps. 

When basic motor skills are developed, toys enter the mix as well as drawing using crayons.

We understand that leaving your infant away from home is a big step. We strive to make that step as easy as possible.

16 MONTHS - 2 YEARS | $245 weekly

Our toddler program is designed to be a safe, nurturing experience where children can socialize and explore their independence. We mix care with fun and give your child the specific attention he or she needs.

By their very nature, toddlers need trained eyes upon them at all times. Parents of toddlers value safety and security and want peace of mind when they leave their little one. We wipe noses, we are patient and we make sure little fingers and toes stay out of trouble.

Our experienced and caring staff will fill you with confidence and your child will come home with a smile on their face.

Our toddler program emphasizes developmental learning. We sing songs and play games to stimulate patterns and sounds. We develop eye-hand coordination, color recognition and problem solving with puzzles and blocks. When ready, we introduce letters and numbers.


3 YEARS - PREK | $230 weekly

Preschool is where children really start to grow socially and cognitively. Attention span increases, numbers and letters are recognized and problems begin to be solved. Because language development is more evident, emotions are expressed more clearly and relationships are formed in the class.

The preschool curriculum encourages and nurtures growth and cognitive readiness for the school years. Stories, crafts, counting, word recognition and every day learning such as the days of the week, weather and self-care (potty etiquette and hand-washing) are taught.


5 YEARS - 12 YEARS |  $180 weekly

We provide a fun, safe place for your school age child to spend the day when public schools are out of session. These days typically include fall, winter, and spring breaks; as well as teacher work days and non major holidays. Please reach out to us with any questions or how to register your school age child.

We do not provide before/after school care.